A new feature that repeats similar options in popular social networks, including Twitter, is already under active testing.

A tool for reposting video content, previously unavailable on the TikTok platform, should soon appear at the disposal of users. The Repost button, similar in function to those already used in most social networks, including Twitter, will allow you to share your favorite videos of various authors with subscribers. Previously, in order to share content, users were forced to send each other links through messages.

However, unlike Twitter, TikTok reposts will not be displayed on the user's profile for everyone to see. Instead, the video that was reposted will be sent to the user's friends through the For You channels. Thus, content can be shared only with those who follow you - this option is designed to reduce the number of advertising reposts on the platform.

Also at this stage of testing, it is noted that the repost button itself does not appear under any video, but only under those videos that users view in the For you feed. The repost button is under testing and will be available to all TikTok users in the near future.