Next year's forecast from Insider Intelligence states that TikTok's monthly users will surpass 755 million.

TikTok short video sharing platform has firmly established itself in the list of the largest social networks. This is confirmed by the forecast compiled by the analytical company Insider Intelligence. According to it, TikTok ranked third largest social network in the world, behind only Facebook and Instagram.

According to the analysis, in 2020 the growth in the number of monthly users amounted to an impressive 59,8% for the platform, in 2021 the growth was already 40,8%. As of 2022, TikTok is projected to hit 755 million users thanks to a steady 15,1% growth. Thus, for the first time, the platform will exceed the social media market share of 20%, and by 2024 it is projected to exceed the mark of 25%.

At the same time, for Facebook, the forecast for 2022 says about 2,1 billion active users per month, and for Instagram, this figure is about 1,3 billion. Also Snapchat and Twitter will be in the top five, for these platforms the forecast indicator of the number of active users per month will be 465 and 345 million, respectively.