TikTok was created as a social network for sharing short videos. In 2022, its developers added functionality to support photos to attract Instagram users. Apparently, they were not going to stop there, since now the platform is getting a new opportunity: the publication of texts. The idea to introduce text content into the network along with video and photos appeared after a series of unsuccessful decisions by the owner of Twitter, which provoked a large-scale outflow of users from the popular microblogging service. Realizing that crowds of users roam the Internet searching for of a new cozy place to publish text materials, TikTok decided to offer them what they were looking for. Thanks to the new feature, content creators will be able to post on this social network not only videos but also their own thoughts on any topic, lyrics, poems, and other textual creativity.

When entering the application and pressing the "Camera" button located in the central part of the menu, the users will be prompted to select the type of content: video, photo, or text. After selecting the text, they will be taken to a page with tools for creating it. The typed post, the maximum length of which is 1000 characters, can be customized: change the background color, add music and stickers, tag someone, put down hashtags, make a geolocation tag, give permission to write comments, and create duets. All this indicates that the level of interactivity and dynamics of texts posted on this social network will almost certainly not be inferior to videos and photos. In addition, the developers will add a feature that allows you to save the typed post as a draft to edit it later or, if necessary, delete it.

Regarding innovation, representatives of TikTok emphasized in their official blog that their social platform aims to provide its users with innovative tools that will allow them to better express themselves. They also expressed the opinion that giving the text format, which has long been used by tiktokers when leaving comments and captioning videos, a separate space will definitely help expand the scope of creativity.