Some users have discovered the ability to receive and leave tips, including arbitrary amounts, as well as the option of anonymous monetary support.

The TikTok platform is actively experimenting with monetization opportunities that can help content creators earn money from their videos. It became known that individual users have discovered a new option, which is the ability to customize the receipt of tips from viewers, and not only subscribers.

By enabling the tip feature, content creators can receive cash rewards right on their profile, without having to transfer a portion of the proceeds to TikTok. At the moment, only accounts with at least 100,000 subscribers who meet a number of requirements can apply for such a function.

For those accounts whose application will be approved, a Tips button is added to the profile. Users can transfer an amount of at least $1. The user is offered to pay both a certain amount - $5, $10, $15 - and an arbitrary one, at the choice of the payer.

Money can be sent not only from your account, but also absolutely anonymously. At the same time, it was noted that only users over 18 years old can transfer tips. The function is currently being tested on a limited number of users and it can be assumed that its use will be expanded in the near future.