The AI ​​greenscreen tool is a filter by means of which users can generate images by simply entering keywords.

The TikTok platform launched a new tool that quickly became a trend among users. It is a text-to-image image generator, called AI greenscreen. Of course, at this stage, this tool will not allow you to create something complex, but beautiful semi-abstract images with unusual subjects from your own imagination are quite accessible. Further, the user can use the created pictures in their videos, for example, as a background.

To use this filter in TikTok, the user does not need to make significant efforts. It is enough to enter text describing what you would like to see in the picture, for example, “a train with horns”. According to the keywords, an image will be generated, in the process of its creation, artificial intelligence technologies are used.

TikTok's use of this kind of technology for entertainment purposes shows just how far developments in the industry have come. Given that we are talking about only a few years of work, which led to the emergence of such serious projects in the creation of text-to-image generators as DALL-E or Midjourney. The emergence of technology in access to the general public shows the interest in this area and the significance of the developments already obtained.