Using the new approach in Branded Mission, video creators will be able to participate in advertising campaigns and expand their monetization opportunities.

The TikTok platform has announced the launch of a new product that will expand companies' advertising options and give content creators more ways to earn rewards for their creations. The service is called Branded Mission, within its framework, brands and content authors will be able to combine their efforts in a new way. The service has been launched as a beta version in selected markets, and its geography will be expanded over the coming months.

Advertisers using Branded Mission get the opportunity to launch advertising campaigns, involving authors in them. By describing their advertising message and publishing it to a wide range of content creators, the brand is able to get a large number of responses and select the best participants in the so-called advertising “mission”.

Content creators, and these can only be authors with more than a thousand subscribers, can choose which project to participate in. The page with the description of the advertising project will indicate the monetary reward that the author can earn if his creation is selected by the brand for the advertising campaign. In addition to increasing earnings, as emphasized in the TikTok official announcement, video creators will also be able to significantly increase their traffic by participating in the brand's advertising campaign.