This sharp increase is due to the long shutdown of the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp platforms, which occurred around the world on October 4th.

The inability to use social networks, which arose due to failures in the work of Facebook, left users without the usual communication. However, for the Telegram messenger, the inability to use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for several hours led to an unprecedented jump in the number of users. There is also a sharp increase in the activity of already registered users.

According to the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov, the app has seen a remarkable increase in the number of registrations. In one day, October 4, the number of users increased by 70 million. Earlier, Telegram reported exceeding the figure of 1 billion downloads, and the number of active users at the beginning of 2021 was about 500 million monthly.

Although, according to Durov, Telegram coped with the growth in the number of users and continued to work stable, in some regions, namely in the Americas, the speed of work dropped somewhat due to millions of new registrations.