Recently, the popular messenger received a whole package of new features. Among them are tools for editing photo and video files, the ability to automatically delete the cache and a chart informing about the level of storage occupancy.

The last update of the Telegram messenger in 2022 pleased users with a set of new tools for the media editor. Now pictures and videos can be decorated in every possible way and even hidden – both partially and completely. The new Blur tool gives you the ability to block specific areas in a photo or video. This will allow you to hide non-public information, as well as comply with confidentiality rules (for example, blur people's faces in the background). In addition, Telegram has a new way to adjust the size of the text, select the type of font and change the background in the process of adding it to an image or video. A similar feature has already been implemented in Snapchat and Instagram. Adding various shapes (circle, rectangle, star, arrow, chat bubble) has become much faster after the update. To do this, just click the plus button in the editor. The Spoiler tool will cover an image, photo or video with a layer of flicker if the user wants the recipient to make the decision to view this content. It is useful in case of sending media files of a sensitive nature or from the 18+ category. The content opens when the recipient touches it.

In addition to tools for editing photos and videos, the Telegram update contains special data storage options that make it possible to auto-delete the cache of selected private chats, groups and channels after a specified time. A very convenient pie chart has appeared in the mobile version of the messenger, showing how much memory is occupied by different types of files (documents, photos, videos, audio). It's not available in the desktop version yet.

This update package perfectly complements other features that have been added by the Telegram developers over the past few months (for example, registering in the messenger without a phone number, searching by emoji, creating a temporary QR code). Most of the innovations this time are for users without a Premium subscription.