The maximum number of those who can stream a video is still 30 people, but an impressive audience can now see it.

The latest update to the popular messenger brought many different improvements to users, the most notable of which was the increase in audience for group video calls. The video can still be stream by no more than 30 people, but now up to 1000 users will be able to view it.

This feature, called by the developers "Group Video Calls 2.0", will be an excellent solution for streaming a variety of public events, be it lectures or concerts. At the same time, it was promised that 1000 people is far from the limit and in the foreseeable future this limit will be removed, after which the number of viewers will no longer be limited by anything.

An important addition for many users will also be the ability to share the device's screen during video calls. In this case, not only the image will be transmitted, but also the sound.

The update also affected video messages, which are now not only better quality due to the increased resolution, but also more convenient to use – they now expand to full screen, they can be rewound to review the missed moment. Also, while recording a video message, you can now zoom in on images, while the music you are listening will continue to play.

There are a number of other less important, but no less interesting additions and improvements. You can find out more about them on the official Telegram blog.