The site builder announced that users will be able to host and monetize video content using simple tools.

The Squarespace platform spoke about the launch of video hosting and new opportunities for monetizing hosted videos. Now users will be able to significantly expand the possibilities provided by the paid add-on Member Areas - a constructor of special areas for subscribers on a site created with Squarespace.

Such paid parts of the site may be added to a new or existing site built on the platform. They are designed to attract paying subscribers and are an easy way for a website builder to monetize content. Now this tool has been expanded with the ability to add video content. At the same time, Squarespace provides all the technical side of posting videos and collecting payments.

Under the terms of video hosting on Squarespace, a user can upload high-definition videos up to half an hour long to their page for free. The platform provides extensive opportunities for customizing video settings. It is also reported that site owners can vary the methods of receiving payment from subscribers, it can be either a regular payment for a subscription to content, or a one-time payment for access to a particular video or series of videos.