Developers can now include a deferred payment option in the checkout process for customers.

Electronic payment processing platform Square announced the expansion of functionality through the introduction of easier integration with the Afterpay service. This product allows buyers to defer payment for goods for a later period when placing an order.

Thus, the new “buy now, pay later” service can be incorporated by developers using Square into their own payment processing algorithm. The process of enabling the new feature can be easily done with the Square Web Payments SDK by adding a few lines of code. Thanks to a single integration, payment streams will not be separated, which increases the convenience of their processing by the merchant. At the same time, a single integration makes it possible to avoid setting up multiple integrations, which complicates the process and increases the likelihood of errors in payment processing.

The addition of a deferred payment feature - in the case of Afterpay, the payment will be divided into four parts - will allow sellers using Square to increase conversions and attract new buyers with better terms of purchase.