Users will be able to view the feed of video clips in vertical format. Scrolling through music videos, user can like or skip them.

The popular TikTok platform quite often becomes an object of imitation on the part of major social networks and services. Now it has become known that the music service Spotify is also testing the implementation of one of the hallmarks of TikTok - namely, short videos in vertical format.

The Spotify app has a new feature called Discovery in test format. By clicking on a tab with this name, which can be found in the Spotify navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, the user gains access to the music video feed. They can be viewed, while skipping uninteresting ones and marking those you like.

The new option is still in test mode and only individual users who are exploring the beta version of the iOS app have announced its discovery. As video clips, as noted by users familiar with the Discovery tool, the application uses materials uploaded using the Canvas function. Introduced by Spotify in 2019, this tool lets you add video content instead of a static image cover for album or music track.