Spotify has introduced a new feature – an AI DJ that is almost indistinguishable from a live radio host. It knows how to compose track lists according to the user's taste and comments on compositions. The novelty is focused on personalization and improving the convenience of the service.

Streaming service Spotify announced the introduction of a new feature – AI DJ. Its tasks include compiling an individual track list for the users, taking into account their musical taste. In addition, the virtual assistant, like a real radio host, comments on compositions and their performers in pauses. Representatives of the company claim that this “smart” DJ studies the users and their preferences so deeply that it can select songs that will like with the maximum probability.

The DJ owes its appearance to a special voice technology developed by the British startup Sonantic AI (bought by Spotify in June 2022). The AI technology created by OpenAI is responsible for generating its speech. Emily Galloway, director of product design for personalization products at Spotify, noted a certain similarity in the DJ's comments. But their sequence is not repeated, as it is formed based on the personal taste preferences of each user.

At the moment, the DJ only speaks with one synthesized voice. It will be recognized by many listeners of the morning show "The Get Up" on the Spotify platform. The fact is that to train this AI model, audio recordings of Xavier “X” Jernigan, who used to be one of the hosts of "The Get Up". In the future, the service is going to increase the collection of voices so that users have the opportunity to choose not only sound parameters, but also conversation styles.

The Personal DJ feature is currently in beta testing. For now, it can only be accessed by those who subscribed to Spotify Premium and live in Canada or the United States.