In the world of social media and instant messengers, grandiose changes are taking place, blurring the boundaries between reality and the virtual world. One of the leaders of such transformations is the popular application for instant messaging and multimedia files, Snapchat. The developers of this platform have once again demonstrated their commitment to innovation by introducing a new feature based on artificial intelligence technology.

The new tool, dubbed Dreams, promises to revolutionize how users manage their photos. It will work like a photo editor, helping you change the background of your images to anything from realistic landscapes to fantasy worlds.

Information about the new product was shared by iOS application developer and technical design analyst Steve Moser, who works at Beroe Inc. He revealed some of the subtleties of this tool, saying that artificial intelligence will "cut out" persons from the image and "transfer" them to another background. Imagine that now you can "visit" any place on Earth from the comfort of your living room couch.

However, there are also certain limitations. Dreams was designed primarily for selfie editing. This means that to achieve the best results, the user needs to have high-quality images where facial features are clearly visible and where there are no strangers.

The developers are also working on the Dreams with Friends feature, which will provide the ability to "transfer" several people to a new background at once. It can be a great way to create group photos in unique places.

Interestingly, links to purchase Dream Packs have been seen in the app. This may indicate that, in the future, they plan to make the use of this function partially or completely paid. It is also possible to introduce additional paid scenarios for Dreams. Whether this is so is not clear yet. To date, Snapchat officials have not commented on the matter.