The tool, which previously only allowed voice communication for Slack users, will now allow team members to use video calls as well.

The Slack platform, among other announcements made at the Frontiers conference, announced a major update to its Huddles feature. If earlier this tool allowed team members to communicate only via audio, now they have the opportunity to use video as well.

Slack users no longer have to switch to Zoom or another similar application to start a video call or video conference, they can communicate directly in Huddles. Users will be able to share the screen if necessary, as well as use a number of additional video features. Users will be able to open a video chat not directly, but from an audio chat in Huddles that already started. Team members have two options - open a small video window on the side of their app, or open a separate window for a more complete visual communication experience.

Huddles, introduced in 2021, is positioned as an unobtrusive tool for natural communication, in which chats and meetings do not need to be specifically scheduled. And the presence of only voice communication was previously presented as less stressful for the members of the work team. However, the need for video chats and their growing popularity have led to the emergence of such a tool, although still in a more free format, without the need to set a time or necessarily maximize the video window.