With the new Shopify Markets tool, merchants will be able to manage their online stores across countries from a single hub.

The Shopify platform announced the introduction of tools that will make it easier for merchants to enter the global market. With the intention of trading on the market of another country, the online store must either take advantage of the marketplaces or use the services of third parties and sell through another retailer. Shopify offers a solution to this problem and implements the Shopify Markets tool, which will allow you to customize the operation of stores in different countries from a single service site.

Among the options that the new instrument will allow you to regulate are setting up the acceptance of local currency and payment methods, using other languages (20 languages in total) and local domains, taking into account local pricing and taxation rules, and much more. Store owners can customize work in the markets of individual countries or form their own groups of countries, depending on the specifics of their business.

The Shopify Markets service was launched on September 14 and will be gradually available to users in different countries over the next few months.