SEO tools platform seoClarity will be able to integrate a number of process automation services into its product through the new acquisition.

SeoClarity, a service that specializes in providing SEO tools to large and medium-sized businesses, has announced a new acquisition. The company acquired the RankSense service, whose specialists develop products in the field of SEO process automation.

Users of seoClarity, and they are mainly representatives of medium and large businesses, have at their disposal tools for SEO-analysis of sites based on artificial intelligence technologies. By adopting the SEO automation tools that RankSense provides, companies have the opportunity to use the options it provides for sites with a large number of pages.

For a large brand site with many product pages, being able to mass-create SEO-optimized titles or descriptions for a large number of the same type of pages will now be a simple task. Thus, users can more effectively implement complex SEO strategies, even at the scale of large enterprises.