After acquiring Slack for $28 billion, Salesforce began providing its users with the long-awaited services from the popular communication platform. In the future, it is planned to build an eco-system of services for business users.

Many have been expecting new opportunities for users of the Salesforce CRM platform since the moment when the company acquired a corporate messenger for a record $28 billion. Now it has been announced that the first integrated solutions that will leverage the Slack toolkit have already been delivered to everybody. As a result, Salesforce plans to deploy a convenient ecosystem for users, with extensive capabilities for conducting business processes and organizing the communication process of employees.

New tools include the ability to create separate online meeting rooms in the Sales Cloud. This tool is built on the basis of the Slack Connect product, the main distinguishing feature of which is the ability to organize negotiations with external partners of the company. In this way, both internal employees and external partners can negotiate throughout the entire sales cycle, significantly reducing it and increasing the efficiency of processes.

In addition, other options are being added, such as daily updates for the sales team, which can receive new information about tasks, appointments and deals through Slack tools. Also, sales and marketing specialists who use the Salesforce, can more efficiently organize communication in common rooms, sharing the most relevant information and data.