Social network Instagram announced the addition of the function of reposting content that was posted on this platform by other participants to user profiles.

In the social network Instagram very soon there will be something new. The set of its functions will be replenished with the ability to repost. Selected users will be involved in testing this innovation. Why is this needed? Representatives of Meta, which owns the social network, explained that users, by posting someone else's content in their feed, thus get the opportunity to widely distribute it on the network, and its authors get public recognition. In this sense, to increase engagement, an Instagram post generator can come in handy.

A new tab with the word "Repost" will be located in the user's Instagram profile next to the already familiar "Video", "Tags" and "Posts". By clicking on it, he, as planned by the developers, will get access to all other people's posts that he published on his personal page on the network.

As often happens, the new feature has not yet been implemented, but opponents and haters are already expressing their point of view with might and main. They believe that the introduction of the ability to repost will provoke a tsunami of posts from complete strangers, which will simply overwhelm the feed. Andrew Hutchinson, content manager for leading industry publication Social Media Today, calls the discussed Instagram update disruptive to the social network.

It is not yet possible to directly publish someone else's post on your Instagram page. In this regard, many have to use special applications for this purpose. When the repost function finally works, it will no longer be necessary to search for alternative solutions.