With Shuffles, users will be able to create unique visual works using photos, pictures and a variety of effects, including animated ones.

The Pinterest platform announced the creation of a separate application called Shuffles. The new development will also be related to pictures and photos, however, with its help, users will be able to process and combine pictures using a variety of effects.

The application at this stage is launched only for iOS users and operates in test mode. Users can join it by invitation only. However, those who want to install this application can already join the waiting list. In the future, after passing the test period, the application will be available to more users.

It is assumed that with the help of Shuffles, creative people will be able to create a variety of collages, mood boards and similar creations, complementing them with visual effects, including animated ones. The creators of the application claim that the method proposed to users for cutting out details from a photo is as simple as possible and can be done with a simple tap. Their creations can be exhibited in special groups for discussion, and other users, in turn, get the opportunity to make a "remix" of someone else's work. Also such an important option as the ability to collaborate on a project is available.