First of all, the service for creating live streams will be useful to those users who use the platform to promote products or brands.

Expanding the opportunities for companies and brands to use their service, Pinterest introduced a new tool to the e-commerce organisations - the TV Studio platform. Its functionality is tailored to work with live streams that users can post on the platform, thus promoting their commercial offers.

Users are provided with a new Pinterest TV Studio app. It is distributed in limited mode, and is currently only available to individual users in the Apple Store and Google Play. Using its capabilities, content creators will receive a whole extended set of tools for working with streams. For example, they will have access to a multi-camera mode, improved video editing options and a number of advanced settings.

And the main functionality will be the ability to organize purchases of goods directly while watching the stream. Using such opportunities, brands and companies will be able to stream on an ongoing basis, promoting their commercial offers. Working with video streaming in this way will be greatly facilitated and, thanks to new features, it will be easy to make it as efficient as possible.