If the deal goes through, the merger between the payment system and the image-saving service could be the biggest deal of the year for tech companies.

The move towards e-commerce for Pinterest's image storage service could take it to the next level. Bloomberg reports that the platform may be acquired by PayPal, which is currently actively exploring such an option.

It is reported that the parties are negotiating a possible deal and the publisher even names the probable amount of Pinterest's acquisition – $45 billion. The companies, according to sources from the publisher, are discussing a price of roughly $70 per share. However, in the course of negotiations, the terms of the deal may change, besides, the discussions themselves are also far from a final agreement.

If the agreement goes through, it will add a range of tools to the payment system, make it a one-stop shop for payments, sales and purchases made by users, and also bring it to the fore among technology companies. For PayPal, the potential deal will be the most significant acquisition in its entire history, and the deal itself could become the largest in its field in 2021.