Meta offered users new conveniences: simplified creation of additional accounts and high-speed switching between Facebook and Instagram with one button.

Meta has provided the ability to quickly switch between Instagram and Facebook social media accounts. For this feature to work, you must first link them through the Account Center, which allows you to identify the user in different Meta products. Being in one application, you can now switch to another with one click through the account menu, which displays all associated profiles. At the moment, the function is still being tested, available to users of applications on devices with Android, iOS and desktop versions around the world.

In addition, Meta has simplified the process of creating and managing accounts. Now you can create a new profile on Instagram or Facebook using your existing login, and not register again. This feature, like the previous one, is also currently undergoing extensive testing on Android and iOS operating systems.

It should be noted that earlier the developers of the Meta company spoke out categorically against increasing the number of profiles for one user, defending the idea of a single “real” person. However, in recent years they have radically changed their point of view. The reason is the desire to increase user engagement, which is facilitated by the smooth creation of new accounts and the possibility of cross-platform login.