Twitter plans to add a new filter to enforce the platform's rules.

Twitter executives announced a new feature for the social network that they want to implement. It is intended to give users more control over who can reply to a tweet, which should help combat online abuse on the site. Twitter constantly foresees experiments related to communication on the Internet.

It works like this: when a users create a tweet, they can choose who can reply to them. There are four options: anyone, people they follows or mentions a lot, people they occasionally mentions, or just the user himself.

The new response filter can have a positive effect. The tool could allow users to prevent online bullies from replying to their tweets. This is a problem that Twitter has been battling with for years. It will also help to better control the conversations, and it will become easier for the user to respond, because there will be no need to spend a lot of time reading the negative information.

Now this novelty is still an experiment, which will be interesting to watch. Twitter will continue to develop comfortable and tolerant communication on its platform. In this regard, we are waiting for a lot of new products.