Google is updating the look of search ads that appear in SERPs. They will be provided with "insignia" – the names of companies and their logos.

Google developers have prepared an update that will affect the appearance of search ads. They want to get rid of the “advertising” label, replacing it with the name of a specific company and its logo. The innovation is aimed at maximizing the separation of commerce from a number of other search results.

The usual format of a search ad: in the top line we see the URL of the landing page of the site, and below this address is the title of the ad. After the update is implemented, both components will be saved and a third one will be added to them – the name of the company, which will be placed directly above them. First of all, companies that use the same keywords will benefit from such a decision by Google. It will be easier for the search engine to understand which site a visitor has visited by clicking on such an ad.

The search ad in the issue will be replenished not only with the name of the company, but also with its logo. This component is needed not so much for aesthetics, but to help the search engine – it will brighter "highlight" ads among the regular results.

The label "advertising" will finally be a thing of the past. Google will replace it with the word "sponsorship", which will be placed in the upper left corner of the search ad.

If Google can't find the business name to put in the ad, it will place the domain taken from the URL in its place. The lack of a logo is also not a problem. Instead, the system will install a blue globe icon. The update will take place automatically. Each advertiser will receive a notification about this in their personal Google Ads profile.