The potential buyer is the American company Intuit, which specializes in software in the financial sector. Intuit will be able to integrate email marketing tools into the package of services provided.

One of the most popular email marketing services Mailchimp may change ownership in the near future. According to Bloomberg, citing sources close to the companies, Mailchimp and software maker Intuit are already negotiating a deal. The preliminary sale amount is called the figure of $10 billion.

Negotiations are far from final and Mailchimp may have other acquisition candidates. However, if the deal goes through, it will be the largest acquisition for Intuit in the company's history.

The planned deal will allow combining service tools, the main clients of which are small and medium-sized businesses. Intuit specializes in the development of accounting and financial software, its most famous products are QuickBooks for accounting and TurboTax for online tax filing. The deal will integrate Mailchimp's digital marketing tools into the overall package of services provided to customers.