The Monday Sales CRM service for automating sales processes is already available for use, it will be one of five new solutions from the platform., which is a work operating system for automating workflows, announces the launch of new services. In total, five solutions are planned to be put into operation, which will be intended for individual teams of the company, such as the marketing department or the software development department.

The first such service was a product for sales departments called Monday Sales CRM. The Monday Sales CRM service is already available for use, you can go to the page with its description from the main page of the platform. Users are offered a number of tariffs, including a free trial.

The service provides sales professionals with the means to automate all aspects of their work, covering the full sales cycle. One of the important advantages of the new CRM is its flexible structure, which does not require knowledge of the code to configure. It is also reported that the system has hundreds of ready-made integrations with other applications and services, which will quickly link its functions with other company workflows. It is emphasized that the service can be integrated with the Gmail and Microsoft Outlook mail services, which will allow user to work with mail directly in the service itself, including sending letters from it.