All users of the service now have access to the option of end-to-end encryption of calls, which significantly increases the security of information during business negotiations.

Microsoft Teams has announced an innovation that will improve the security of one-to-one calls for all users of the service. We are talking about the introduction of end-to-end encryption for such calls, which excludes access by third parties to cryptographic keys and significantly increases the level of confidentiality of negotiations.

The platform began testing end-to-end call encryption in October, but now all one-on-one calls have received this option. Starting December 15, administrators can enable and control this feature for their companies. As for end-to-end encryption for group calls, it is reported that this option is in the process of being rolled out and a number of large corporations have already gained access to it.

Users are cautioned, however, that a number of features will not be available when they enable end-to-end call encryption in Microsoft Teams. In particular, in this case, video call recording, real-time subtitling/transcription, call transfer and merging, adding participants to create a group call, and a number of others will be disabled.