Users no longer need to worry about overflowing the storage with old videos from meetings - they will be deleted automatically after a specified time.

The Microsoft Teams collaboration platform has received a significant update that many users have requested, according to company representatives on the official blog. Now for recorded files that were stored in Microsoft Teams, namely OneDrive or SharePoint, an automatic deletion option is introduced.

Thus, after the specified period of time, the video files will be deleted and users will not need to worry about the full storage. It is emphasized that such video materials of a working nature, in any case, in most cases are not reviewed by users. After 60 days, 99% of them become unnecessary, according to Microsoft.

The option to delete files 60 days after they have been recorded is now enabled by default. All meeting recordings will be deleted automatically after two months. However, if necessary, administrators can also disable this option if video files are still needed for company employees. It is also available to change the timing of automatic file deletion.