Viva Sales will be able to combine the capabilities of not only Microsoft 365 and Teams, but also any CRM used by the business.

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new application from the companion category. It was called Viva Sales and is intended for sellers of various goods and services. Its purpose is to collect data from all systems used, thus enriching the possibilities available in the CRM system used by business. In addition to a more complete information picture, the application will also generate recommendations for the user and provide a notification system.

The application is built using artificial intelligence technologies and will combine both the ability to work with data from Teams and Microsoft 365, and integration with any CRM system that is already used by the business. Thus, the sales process is supposed to be made more streamlined and efficient, and communication with customers more personalized.

The purpose of creating the application was to make it a hub for all the activities of the seller. Instead of switching from one service to another, sellers will be able to access the right information and communication channels with buyers in a single center. Viva Sales will integrate with the main applications used by the business and collect all the data and tools in one place, giving sellers the opportunity to optimize workflows to the maximum.