The Nuance acquisition marks the company's second-largest acquisition, following its $ 26 billion deal with LinkedIn.

Microsoft has demonstrated its interest in the field of artificial intelligence technologies with one of the largest deals in its history. It was officially announced that the tech giant has become the owner of Nuance. The deal is worth $ 16 billion.

The startup's main area of ​​specialization is the development of AI technologies in healthcare. The company's products have allowed it to become a leader in this area on a global scale. Also, Nuance developers are engaged in the creation of software for converting speech to text and other products in the field of communications.

Nuance's technologies, together with Microsoft's Cloud for Healthcare platform, which was introduced by Microsoft in 2020, are expected to enable the company to gain a foothold in the healthcare software market and introduce a number of new products for this area, which will be especially relevant in light of the congestion of hospitals and medical staff during a pandemic.

The concluded deal shows that artificial intelligence is at this stage a priority area of ​​technology development for large tech companies. The new acquisition is Microsoft's second-largest, after the 2016 purchase of LinkedIn for $ 26 billion.