Microsoft is expanding access to the acclaimed AI-powered content generator ChatGPT and wants to invest heavily in OpenAI, the company that created it.

On Monday, January 16, Microsoft representatives announced that access to the ChatGPT chatbot, which is gaining momentum in popularity, will soon be expanded. To achieve this, the corporation's specialists are going to integrate it into the Microsoft Azure OpenAI cloud service. It is expected that after such an implementation, the new content generator will become more accessible and attract new users to the platform.

Why did Microsoft need to open some additional access to ChatGPT, if today anyone can freely use it directly on the website of the OpenAI developer? It turns out that experts predicted in advance a high probability of access difficulties when the company's servers reach their peak capacity, and the number of chatbot users continues to grow. Providing the opportunity to use it also on the Microsoft Azure OpenAI platform will solve this problem.

Apparently, Microsoft liked the idea of integrating ChatGPT so much that it decided to implement it into its Bing search engine at the same time. Only in this case, the goal is entirely different – bypassing competitor Alphabet Inc.

Microsoft is seriously interested in the developments of the OpenAI research laboratory. It has previously invested approximately $1 billion in it. Now the representatives of the corporation are ready to make another financial investment in the amount of $10 billion. Negotiations on this topic have been ongoing by both sides for several months. Nothing is known about the results yet.