With new API integration tools, developers will be able to integrate Reels support into their projects.

The Instagram developer platform has been expanded with more options, with the new Instagram Reels API now available to users. This innovation will be useful for all developers who work with Reels functionality when developing their own services or applications.

So, thanks to the use of the new API, integration with the main features of Reels in Instagram Business accounts can be carried out. In particular, content publishing tools, including those with the ability to pre-plan, search by hashtags and mentions, as well as a number of other useful business features. There are also options for advanced moderation of comments via the API, for example, deleting or hiding them.

Developers can access the new API through the Instagram Graph API platform, which is supported by both the current and all previous versions of the platform. Access to the Reels API will be rolled out to all users over the next few weeks. Those developers whose applications have already passed the test will be able to automatically use the new tools, without the need for additional actions.