When launching even a small advertising campaign, the advertiser can use advanced methods that will change the advertisement for each viewer.

Meta has announced that AI-powered ad campaign automation features can now be used by small businesses as well. Not only full-fledged advertising campaigns, but also single ads can now be customized using the Advantage+ tool. This approach will allow even small companies to set up advertising and attract the attention of potential buyers as effectively as possible.

By conducting ads with Advantage+, advertisers can be sure that their ads will be customized to each viewer who views them thanks to advanced technology. Meta technologies work in such a way as to maximize the level of response from potential buyers and customers. At the same time, the formation of different versions of ads occurs on an automatic basis, without the participation of the advertiser, and the prediction of viewer behavior is based on AI technologies: which evaluate it as accurately as possible based on previous actions on the platform.

It is also reported that Advantage+ will receive a number of updates, in particular, the possibility of specialized advertising campaigns to promote products or applications.