Very soon, there will be one more social network on the Internet. In the coming days, the launch of Instagram Threads, created by Meta, is expected. According to forecasts, it will be the main competitor to the well-known microblogging service Twitter. The app has already surfaced on the App Store for iPhone users, indicating an imminent release. The main task of the Threads network is to bring together members of online communities and give them the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics. Users registered on this platform will be able to communicate here with like-minded people, bloggers, and also create and manage their own thematic groups.

At first glance, Threads and Instagram are almost a single entity. Nevertheless, the developers have singled out a new social network in a separate application. In its description, posted on the App Store, they explain that their service is for communication and distribution of text materials. Judging by its functionality, it will become a promising alternative to Twitter: here you can like messages, leave comments on them, and share posts with your subscribers in the same way. In addition, its users will be given a very convenient opportunity to save their Instagram account name and all subscriptions on this social network. One of the key benefits of Threads is the direct transfer of all followers from Instagram. You don't have to pick them up from scratch.

The news about the release of Threads did not become a sensation; recently, information about it has gradually leaked onto the Internet. Meta has previously specified that this platform will be compatible with Mastodon's federated decentralized network. Actually, this is doubtful because Threads refers to a centralized Instagram. It is not clear how such a promise will be fulfilled.

Today is the best time to launch the new Meta social network. Its main competitor, Twitter, is now in serious trouble. After its acquisition by Elon Musk, who reduced the staff by almost 50% and began to restrict the rights of users with free accounts, their mass exodus began from there. Of course, no one can give you a 100% guarantee that this social network will be successful. Moreover, third-party Meta applications did not always gain popularity, and the company was forced to close them. However, while Twitter is weakened by the difficulties that have arisen, Threads has a good chance to get ahead of it. And yet, the fate of the new platform will be determined by users.