Following the successful launch of Communities on WhatsApp in 2022, Meta is now introducing a similar feature for Facebook Messenger. This new functionality allows users to create dedicated spaces for real-time communication directly within the Messenger platform, separate from existing Facebook Groups.

It's crucial to differentiate Messenger Communities from the previously introduced Community Chats within Facebook Groups. Launched in 2022, Community Chats enabled group members to connect in real-time. However, Messenger Communities offer a standalone environment for communication, entirely independent of Facebook Groups.

A Messenger Community can host up to 5,000 participants, fostering a dynamic space for communication and collaboration. Users can join these communities through shareable links, making the onboarding process smooth and efficient.

One of the key differences between Messenger Communities and their WhatsApp counterparts is how invitations are handled. Messenger leverages Facebook’s social graph, allowing users to invite others based on their Facebook profiles, eliminating the need for phone numbers required for WhatsApp Communities. This approach potentially makes Messenger Communities more accessible to a broader range of users.