Large and medium-sized B2B companies will be able to manage their marketing activities from a single hub with convenient functionality.

LinkedIn has announced the launch of a new tool designed to make the job of B2B marketers easier. LinkedIn's Business Manager service will integrate functionality for setting up marketing campaigns, which can become a single control center for large business users. The tool is already available to a limited number of users in test mode, and LinkedIn plans to roll it out to all business users in the coming weeks.

With the help of Business Manager, companies and brands will be able to manage activity even on multiple accounts, in particular, it becomes possible to share an audience, which greatly simplifies the work of a marketer and saves time. Most of the features of the new service were already available to users in LinkedIn Pages and Campaign Manager. However, now they will be managed through a single interface.

It is assumed that the use of the new tool will save efforts and time for marketers of large companies or marketing agencies, whose specialists will be able to set up work on LinkedIn for several advertising accounts, while all changes will be applied immediately, without the need to switch between accounts.