The improved algorithm will provide the user with more relevant posts to read and improve the quality of the news feed.

Communication platform for professional LinkedIn has announced a significant update to the algorithm for ranking content in users' feeds. In addition to a general increase in the relevance of the displayed posts and taking into account user interests and feedback when forming a news feed, the service will also minimize the display of notifications about each change or update on the network member's page, low-quality posts, advertising polls, irrelevant updates, and the like.

Account holders will also get a number of additional tools to manage the content they see. Users will be able to specify certain categories that should be excluded from the content shown to them. This can be done by selecting the option of prohibition of showing under an individual post, or even by blocking a specific content creator. There is also an option to limit the amount of political content, which is currently being tested on a limited number of users in the US.

Users will also get the option to view posts from content creators who are not part of their network, thus expanding the reach of the posts they view. This gives account holders the opportunity to largely manage the news feed and make it more interesting and of high quality.