At the end of January, the new option will become available to users - it will be the part of the virtual events ecosystem from LinkedIn which will be deployed shortly.

Services for online business communication, including Facebook, Discord, as well as Twitter and Spotify, actively offer users new tools for virtual meetings and conferences. LinkedIn is no exception, as it plans to build a platform for online events. And one of the steps on this path was the announcement that a beta version of the service for working with audio events will be launched at the end of January.

Similar to the popular Clubhouse product, the new service will provide users with a "unique audio experience" that will be used to enhance the professional identity of companies. During audio events, users will be able to use a variety of settings, including highlighting the speaker's role, joining speakers on a kind of audio stage, and connecting with attendees after the event is over.

Further, LinkedIn plans to introduce other tools for working with full-fledged virtual events. Including users will be able to choose a wide variety of meeting formats from discussions with many participants and round tables to chats for several people. The company promises the appearance of tools for video formats in the spring of 2022.