An open letter "Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter" appeared on the web resource of the American organization Future of Life Institute. More than 1,100 users who subscribed to it are very excited about the unstoppable competition of companies, which provoked a real race in the field of creation, implementation and dizzying growth in the power of AI systems. The main concerns are related to the fact that it is not yet possible for a person to predict and really reliably control AI's behavior.

The authors of the open letter stated that it is possible to start building up the capacities of various artificial intelligence models only after fully understanding their potential and predominating their advantages over disadvantages. The text also contains a strong request to all research companies in the world that are actively engaged in the modernization of AI, to stop "training" the most powerful AI systems (those that have already bypassed GPT-4) for at least six months. If the laboratories ignore it, the signatories called on the authorities of the countries to use their powers and introduce an official ban at the legislative level. The authors of the letter stressed that they do not demand to stop all developments in the field of AI, but only seek to reduce the tremendous speed with which the latest systems are being created and implemented.

The open letter was signed by Steve Wozniak (one of the founders of Apple), Elon Musk (one of the founders of OpenAI), Chris Larsen (co-founder of Ripple), Jaan Tallin (one of the creators of Skype) and Evan Sharp (one of the owners of Pinterest). Any user can support them by adding their signature.