Bringing its functionality even closer to the popular TikTok platform, the service will allow using videos from Reels for replies.

For users who want to add visual content to their comments on the platform, Instagram has introduced a new tool called Reels Visual Replies.

With its help, in replies to comments, users will be able to use not only text messages or emojis, but also short videos. This can be done using the Reels service from Instagram. In the process of replying to comments, you can see a new Reels button, by clicking on which you can add a video to the reply. The video response will appear in the comments as a sticker.

A similar feature already exists on the TikTok platform, it was introduced in 2020 and has already become very popular among users. Not surprisingly, other social media platforms are striving to implement something similar. For Instagram, the new option will be another step towards integrating Reels with other tools and will add more options for content creators to interact with their audience.