Now the feed of publications will be compiled taking into account the priority for the original content, for this the ranking algorithm of the service has been updated.

The Instagram platform has announced a significant update to its own ranking algorithms. The result of the innovations is that more original posts will now receive priority over the rest in the users' Home Feed. Such a move, according to Instagram management, will be one of many that will be carried out as part of a strategy to encourage original content.

By browsing the Home Feed, users will see more original content. Accordingly, the creators of such posts will receive enhanced promotion opportunities and greater visibility for their posts.

The details of the algorithm’s work have not yet been disclosed, it is only known that publications that are created and published on Instagram by the user themselves will receive priority, in contrast to various kinds of repuplished publications. It is also not yet known how the platform will evaluate posts originally created by the author, but already previously posted on other resources, including other social networks.