Now, live broadcasts will become even easier and more convenient for users - they will be able to involve external moderators in managing the process.

Live video broadcasts have become a great alternative to posting photos and images for many Instagram users. With their help, influencers, brands and ordinary users can reach a wider audience and forge deeper connections with them. In connection with the growing popularity of this direction, Instagram announced that it is adding an important and long-awaited option to the functionality of its Instagram Live service - the ability to select and add a broadcast moderator.

The streaming hosts thus free themself from performing a number of routine operations and can fully concentrate on streaming. And moderators, in turn, will be able to track comments in real time, report violations if necessary, and remove individual users from the stream. There is also an option to disable commenting from individual users.

The process of choosing a moderator is as simple as possible, right during the streaming, the presenter can click on three dots on the comment bar and select the page of a potential moderator from the list provided. If the required account is not there, it can be found through the search.