The social network is working on the launch of a new advertising product, Ads in Instagram Shop, which will be another step in the development of e-commerce opportunities.

The Instagram platform has announced the next step in the development of its Instagram Shops product, introduced in 2020. A number of individual business users have already gained access to the Ads in Instagram Shop tool, which allows advertisers to post advertisements on Instagram Shops.

Now a new advertising product is undergoing a testing stage, advertisers have access to options for placing both individual images and entire galleries. Ads in Instagram Shop is limited to mobile versions only, just like the Instagram Shop product itself. The company is working on the details of the advertising model. It clarifies that campaigns will be launched on an auction model, like other advertising products on Instagram. And the number of ad demonstrations to individual users will depend on their actions on the platform.

So far, the Ads in Instagram Shop features are provided only to a limited number of users in the United States, however, after the end of the test period, the geography of the new product will be expanded and the ability to place and manage advertising campaigns in Shops will be available to all advertisers. Instagram does not give an exact timeline for expanding the option for non-US markets, but it is known that it will take several months.