Among the innovations are the option to upload your own audio files, the ability to add stickers, as well as the use of templates for creating videos.

The Instagram Reels video service is the most actively growing part of all platform services. This TikTok competitor has received a number of new features that will greatly enhance the Reels experience for marketers, brands, and other content creators.

Among the innovations that users can already enjoy is an update to the collection of sound effects. In addition, the ability to upload your own audio files has been added, which significantly expands the creative possibilities of Reels account holders. When creating videos, users will now be able to apply a new option - the use of templates. In this case, you can take another video as a template and, based on it, create your own, with ready-made audio effects.

Another opportunity for creativity and deeper interaction with the audience was added by the appearance of stickers in Reels, previously available only in Stories. Reels has also announced an increase in the video length limit to 90 seconds. Promotional videos should be shorter, with a limit of 60 seconds.