The social network has confirmed that it is working on a tool tentatively dubbed Exclusive Stories, which will help attract more creators to the platform.

Further development of Instagram Stories may receive a new paid option. Rumors of a paid subscription have been circulating on the Web for a long time, but now Instagram has confirmed that a prototype of a new tool really exists and is being actively worked on.

In this way, content creators on the social network will be able to post Stories that will be visible only to a limited group of subscribers. The Exclusive Stories feature will allow account holders to organize fan clubs with paid access to additional content that will not be visible to regular users.

When users who are not subscribed to the group come across such content, they will see a message stating that only members can view such Stories. Also, users who managed to find a new option, while still under development, say that the system prohibits them from taking screenshots of the content.

It is not yet clear if the new tool will actually be introduced or, as is often the case, is just another area for development. A similar paid-subscription feature has already been launched by Twitter, which introduced the Super Follows tool as an option to monetize content. So, we can expect that Instagram will follow the path of a competitor and introduce an option that will enable a new way of monetization and attract new users to the platform.