Selected US content creators have already received early access to the new options, and they can provide paid access to Stories and videos on Instagram Live.

The first information that Instagram was preparing to introduce paid subscription options appeared at the end of 2021. Now the platform has begun the testing stage of such opportunities - a group of 10 content creators from the United States are already using them. In the future, it is planned to launch new features for all users, thus providing authors with enhanced opportunities for monetization.

By subscribing to a paid subscription, users will be able to access the author's exclusive Stories, as well as videos on Instagram Live. Many will be interested in the opportunity to join exclusive translations with a limited number of participants. Among other additional paid options, it can be noted that paid subscribers will be highlighted with a special purple icon and the author will immediately be able to see them in comments or in private messages.

Subscription prices can range from $0.99 to $99.99. In total, eight price options are offered to choose from for the author of the content. At this stage, Instagram, in an effort to attract as many content creators as possible to the platform, does not deduct part of the income of the authors in its favor, giving them the opportunity to receive funds for a subscription in full.