With the development of the social media, many new solutions were needed, perhaps DM could be the future for Instagram sales.

Selling on social media is a recent trend. If you can offer a huge range of products and sellers, then your app will gain a huge number of new users. To paraphrase, social media is the future of e-commerce and DM is the new customer experience.

Instagram recently announced important changes to the app. The social network will enable customers to place and track orders directly in their private messages. For example, WhatsApp already has similar shopping messaging features. This allows you to find out information and make purchases directly with the help of people who represent the company on the social network. Communicating with the manager in a chat, the buyer can create a request for the purchase of goods in real time, and then make a payment.

Studies show that people are more likely to shop directly from the social media app. Almost all age groups increase the amount of purchased goods every year using this method.

Online shopping is being developed and improved every day thanks to the work of buyers and marketers. The software in this area is being updated rapidly. Empowering shopping experiences and improving business-to-customer connections is the future of any social network, and Instagram in particular.

It is not yet known exactly how marketers will interact with the new tool and how effective the innovation will be. But statistics show that social media shopping has a lot of growth and potential.