At the first stage, advertisers can take part in the new initiative only by invitation. And only brands from the USA can register on the platform.

The Instagram platform has announced the next step in the development of monetization methods for content creators. In test mode, a marketplace has been opened inside the Meta Business Suite, where content creators and brands will be able to establish partnership. It is reported that the platform will be tested for a limited number of US advertisers. Brands will be able to participate in the new project by invitation only.

For brands interested in finding authors, the platform provides ample opportunities. It is possible to create separate advertising campaigns and manage them with the connection of content authors. Brands can use options to filter content creators by a variety of characteristics, including their audience, see creators who have already expressed interest in collaborating, manage subscriptions to their page, maintain lists of authors, and more.

Content creators will be able to view advertising campaigns available for cooperation, see the reward offered and, if necessary, contact brands or respond to requests from their representatives directly in private messages on the platform.