At the large-scale Adobe Max 2023 event held recently, Adobe announced the release of three new generative artificial intelligence models as part of the Firefly line: Image 2, Vector and Design. Each of them significantly improves the functionality of the program for which it was developed and makes it a new-generation graphical tool.

The Image 2 model is designed for Photoshop. It converts text data into images. According to Adobe representatives, the quality of image generation in this version has been significantly improved, especially in the rendering of complex details. Elements such as plant, skin or hair textures are now treated with greater attention to detail. In addition, it provides users with advanced graphics editing capabilities using artificial intelligence.

Firefly Vector is a revolutionary product designed specifically for Adobe Illustrator. This tool allows you to create vector images based on text prompts provided by the user. One of the features of this model is its ability to automatically classify graphic elements into logical layers and groups, which will greatly facilitate the work of designers.

Firefly Design was created for Adobe Express. Its main application is converting text into various design templates for printed materials, publishing materials on social networks, and digital advertising. The main goal of this tool is to provide users with a simple and effective way to create quality design solutions based on text prompts.

All of these innovative tools are currently only available in beta. However, Adobe already provides a preview of Image 2 through the desktop version of Firefly. The company also plans to integrate these models into the Creative Cloud suite of applications in the near future. The exact launch dates for full versions of the products have not yet been specified.